Welcome to Imlee Mahuaa

This website and our page on Facebook – Imlee Mahuaa School are both attempts to give you glimpses of our life and how it is evolving. We have updated our website recently.  The Archives section of this website contains a snapshot of our life until March 31, 2015.  You can see photographs of our work and life in several albums with copious notes attached on our Facebook page.
Of course we’d love it if you would come and spend some time with us at our school so that we could get to know each other better…
ImleeMahuaa is the name of our little school where we all belong.  Our school is housed among a few structures and trees on a little piece of land that we’ve rented from two of our neighbors, in the hamlet of Balenga Para in Kondagaon district in south central Chhattisgarh. 
Kondagaon is a part of the Bastar or Dandakaaranya region known for its forests, rich mineral resources beneath the forests, tribal people who reside in and around these forests and artisans who work with various materials like wood, stone, clay and metal using traditional hand crafting techniques.  Of late, Bastar has been in the limelight for its violent conflicts between the state and the Maoists.
Our school gets its name from the tamarind (Imlee) tree and the butter (Mahuaa) tree.  Both trees grow abundantly in our region. These trees are important for economic and recreational reasons to us.  So our elders rarely axe them.  We relish the tangy tamarind pods that ripen in spring and help our parents gather the lemon yellow juicy mahuaa flowers that shower the earth in thousands during March and April every year.  Our parents sell the tamarind and dried mahuaa flowers in the village haats (farmer’s markets).  Often our mothers and grandmothers brew ‘mund or daanngo,’ liquor distilled from dried mahuaa flowers and make tasty pickle or sour broths of tamarind.
At Imlee Mahuaa we are a group of 63 people including 3 adults. 
We all live with our respective families in Balenga Para, Kokodi, Jagadhin Para and Kodagaon villages which are all in the vicinity of 4 kilometers from our school.  We walk or cycle to school Mondays through Saturdays 11 months of the year. 
Together we explore the world around us with increasing freedom and gay abandon as we grow older, sometimes learning separately in different groups from Nursery to Class 8 and sometimes playfully exploring together in mixed age groups oblivious of our age or size.  It has been an interesting and educative journey these last eight years (since April 2007) at every step, and we expect it to be more so in times to come.
Go ahead and look at the other pages of our website and get a peek of our situation, the questions we hold and the nature of our life.  We hope you get curious enough to come our way and spend time with us in the near future… Have fun!”.

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